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Our new partnership with Move For Hunger.

We are pleased to share with our van operators the below press release regarding our new partnership with Move For Hunger. This program is currently being piloted in our Flagship branch, but will roll out to the entire organization at the end of April.
The primary means of communication to the customer regarding the program will be delivered by the sales representatives and move coordinators, and the donated goods will be picked up by Suddath packers. However, it is critical that each of us who touches a customer is aware of the program and can answer any questions a customer may have.
This program is only offered to customers whose goods are packed by Suddath. Customers that self-pack or who we only survey, load or haul will not be able to participate at this time.
As you visit the branches, keep in mind that from March 27 to April 7 we are holding a food drive in all Suddath locations to raise awareness throughout the organization of this new partnership. Any donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.
If you have any specific questions regarding Move For Hunger, please email whatwedomatters@suddath.com.