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Suddath drivers are awesome! 
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Please join me in congratulating the following winners for "Suddath Household Goods Van Operator of the Month" for March 2018.  Each winner will receive a letter of congratulations, a certificate and $250 for their outstanding service and performance.  For those of you who have an opportunity or may interact with these Van Operators daily, please take a moment and let them know how much they are appreciated!


March 2018 Winners

Van Operator:

Paul Talley


Van Operator:

Jeff Spearman




Our first Van Operator of the Month for March is Paul Talley (314-393-7226).  Paul operates for our San Jose office and has been with Suddath for over 12 yrs! Paul takes pride in everything he does and has been working hard to become a 1 rated van operator  again by focusing on his claims and SPR while continuing to take excellent care of our customers with an 98.81% in his customer surveys! Paul is a true professional in our industry by always putting the customer first, staying in communication with all involved, and being proactive to stay ahead of any potential obstacles or delays!  We are very fortunate to have Paul as a part of the Suddath family!


Our second Van Operator of the Month for March is Jeff Spearman (828-280-6774).  Jeff will be celebrating his 8-year anniversary with Suddath tomorrow, 4/28!  Jeff is 1 rated over all with an impressive customer survey score of 95.71%, an updating score of 95.78% and an incredible SPR of 78,529! Jeff does an outstanding job servicing our customers every day and makes each experience great for them! Jeff always goes the extra mile on every move he handles and preplans well in advance to make sure everything goes off without a hitch!  Thanks for your great service, Mr. Spearman!  



We are fortunate to have these outstanding leaders on our team as well as all our Van Operators, who have a very challenging job to perform every day. Please be sure to take time to thank them as you have the opportunity.