As we continue to make our way through the busy season I need to remind all our Van Operators about the Labor background certification requirements.  Our Van Operators, as the end user and ultimate check point for assuring all labor on our jobs is background checked, remain our best and final defense against unauthorized labor being present on any of our orders.  

Please be sure that you ask for background certified labor when you request labor from a UniGroup agent. Additionally please be sure to inquire of every laborer what their certification number is.  Recently a Van Operator contacted a helper directly, one which he originally secured from a UniGroup agent in previous trips to their city, and had the helper meet him at the job site. The Van Operator never asked him for his certification ID # as he assumed since he originally got the helper from a UniGroup agent that he was certified. It turned out the helper had not been background checked and as a result the Van Operator was held accountable for the helper not being qualified to be on the job.

While we’d all like to think that anytime we get help from a UniGroup agent that they have been background checked, the fact is some may not have been checked. And in the end the person who takes that helper out on the job is ultimately responsible. PLEASE be sure to ask the helper for their certification number. If they can’t produce it ask for a different helper.

 ALL Suddath offices are REQUIRED to provide you background certified help. ASK for the ID # to verify.  

Full background checks are valid for 3 years; Quick checks are valid for only 72 hours.  WHEN IN DOUBT PLEASE CALL!

Labor Compliance can assist agents/ Van Operators in the verification of any background check information that an individual may provide. Labor Compliance can be reached at 800-428-1267.  It wouldn’t hurt to make the call and double check the information.

 As always thank for all you do and be safe out there!

 Paul J Gleason

Vice President, Operations

Suddath Relocation Systems

Suddath Fuel Discount Program

Please don’t forget the Suddath Van Operator fuel discount program. This incentive is provided to you at no charge and works to leverage the joint buying power of you and the Suddath companies by receiving discounts for fuel at the following locations.

Please keep in mind three vendors provide discounts at the pump that are reflected on your ComData statement NOT on the pump receipt, the fourth offers a rebate that will be passed  on to you in the form of a Suddath check or credit on your statement once we receive the payment from the vendor here in Jacksonville ( probably quarterly). Keep checking the portal for further information on the posting date for your rebate!

·       Loves- Loves has re-rated our fuel spend and our current discount is 7 cents per gallon reflected on your ComData card statement monthly

·       TA/Petro- The TA/Petro discount is on a cost plus basis (cost plus 4 cents at TA and cost plus 6 cents at Petro) reflected on your ComData card statement monthly

·       Wilco/Hess includes a 7 cent per gallon discount reflected on your ComData card statement monthly

·       Pilot/Flying J has introduced a 7 cent per gallon discount program, which became effective March 1st  

Unlike the other programs, Pilot/Flying J will not offer discounts “at the pump,” and will only honor them on direct bill fleet relationships or via a single rebate check.  Therefore, our only opportunity to secure this discount was to opt for the rebate check. 

Our policy is to allow 100% of these discounts to pass to our van operators since the cost of fuel are their own.  That is not always the policy with other organizations.