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Accurate & Timely Submission of Logs is Important to Van Operator Success

From Unigroup's August 8th edition of THE WIRE:
Have you ever said when asked about a missing log, “The log cannot be missing because it was in the same envelope with logs that aren’t missing”? If logs are illegible or completed incorrectly, they may be considered missing. It is important to send properly filled out and legible logs. The most common reasons why van operators do not receive credit for submitting a log include:

·        Poor Penmanship: Numbers that look like letters or letters that look like numbers; incorrect dates; write-overs or crossed-out data.
·        Missing Information: No signature; incomplete grid information; missing state or mileage information.
·        Incorrect or Contradictory Information: Incorrect driver ID format (no leading zeroes, blanks, dashes, numbers written out of order); incorrect authority or combination of authority (UVL ID/MT tractor or MT ID/UVL tractor; UVL authority combined with MT ID number or MT authority combined with UVL ID number).

If you need guidance on how to properly complete a log, please refer to the log book cover which has helpful information.