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Suddath drivers are awesome! 
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Please join me in congratulating the following winners for "Suddath Household Goods Van Operator of the Month" for February 2018.  Each winner will receive a letter of congratulations, a certificate and $250 for their outstanding service and performance.  For those of you who have an opportunity or may interact with these Van Operators daily, please take a moment and let them know how much they are appreciated!


February 2018 Winners

Van Operator:

Mike Morrissey


Van Operator:

Leo Altes




Our first Van Operator of the Month for February is Mike Morrissey (813-376-1251).  Mike operates for our Orlando office and has been with Suddath for a total of almost 18 yrs.! Mike is a 1 rated Van Operator in every statistical category with a very impressive claim score of 0.05%, an excellent Customer Survey score of 97.84%, an updating score of 98.71% and an impressive SPR of 66,766! Mr. Morrissey was our 2016 Suddath Continental Van Operator of the Year and won Van Operator of the Year 2017 for United Van Lines!  Mike continues to lead by example and always takes care of our customers year after year.  Thank you, Mike!


Our second Van Operator of the Month for February is Leo Altes (973-769-6943).  Leo has a combined tenure of 7 plus yrs. with Suddath!  Leo is 1 rated over all with a claim score of 0.76%, an impressive customer survey score of 93.42%, an updating score of 96.66% and an SPR of 13,843! Leo is always willing to be a team player by assisting others.  Just recently Leo helped another VO out when he was in a tough situation by rearranging his schedule to relocate the tractor and trailer.  The customer was impressed by the coordination and team work by all involved to ensure her a seamless and stress-free move. Great job Leo!


We are fortunate to have these outstanding leaders on our team as well as all our Van Operators, who have a very challenging job to perform every day. Please be sure to take time to thank them as you have the opportunity.