March 2017 Suddath Household Goods Van Operators of the Month


Please join me in congratulating the following winners for "Suddath Household Goods Van Operator of the Month" for March 2017.  Each winner will receive a letter of congratulations, a certificate and $250 for their outstanding service and performance.  For those of you who have an opportunity or may interact with these Van Operators on a daily basis, please take a moment and let them know how much they are appreciated!


March, 2017 Winners

Van Operator:

Chris Loftus


Van Operator:

Walid Katini



Our first Van Operator of the Month for March is Chris Loftus (386-795-5249).  Chris operates for our Orlando office and joined Suddath in January 2000!  Chris has a great claims score of 0.13% and an impressive customer service score of 99.15%!  Chris had an incredible year in 2016 by winning United’s HHGs Van Operator of the Year as well as winning the AMSA’s Super Van Operator of the Year!  Chris’s professionalism and leadership continues to set the standard, and we are very fortunate to have him as part of the Suddath family for so many years.  Thank you, Chris!


Our second Van Operator of the Month for March is Walid Katini (727-207-1904).   Walid operates for our Miami office and joined Suddath back in May of 2009!  Walid has a flawless claims score of 0.00%, an excellent customer service score of 94.41%, and an impressive SPR of 58,475! Walid always gets the job done no matter what challenges he may face along the way ensuring our customers have an excellent moving experience!  Walid’s willingness to go the extra mile and great attitude is why he’s among the best in the industry!


We are fortunate to have these outstanding leaders on our team as well as all our Van Operators, who have a very challenging job to perform every day. Please be sure to take time to thank them as you have the opportunity.

Our new partnership with Move For Hunger.

We are pleased to share with our van operators the below press release regarding our new partnership with Move For Hunger. This program is currently being piloted in our Flagship branch, but will roll out to the entire organization at the end of April.
The primary means of communication to the customer regarding the program will be delivered by the sales representatives and move coordinators, and the donated goods will be picked up by Suddath packers. However, it is critical that each of us who touches a customer is aware of the program and can answer any questions a customer may have.
This program is only offered to customers whose goods are packed by Suddath. Customers that self-pack or who we only survey, load or haul will not be able to participate at this time.
As you visit the branches, keep in mind that from March 27 to April 7 we are holding a food drive in all Suddath locations to raise awareness throughout the organization of this new partnership. Any donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.
If you have any specific questions regarding Move For Hunger, please email whatwedomatters@suddath.com.

February Suddath Household Goods Van Operators of the Month

Please join me in congratulating the following winners for "Suddath Household Goods Van Operator of the Month" for February 2017.  Each winner will receive a letter of congratulations, a certificate and $250 for their outstanding service and performance.  For those of you who have an opportunity or may interact with these Van Operators on a daily basis, please take a moment and let them know how much they are appreciated!


February, 2017 Winners

Van Operator:

Mike Dupont


Van Operator:

Derek Anderson



Our first Van Operator of the Month for February is Mike Dupont (315-794-2069).  Mike operates for our Charlotte office and joined Suddath in February of 2015! Mike has an excellent claims score of 0.07% and an SPR of 16,428!  Mike did an excellent job managing a Nobility order at the beginning of February from Southern California to Dallas and received rave reviews!  Mike is always a team player and willing to help any branch that he is near.  Well done, Mr. Dupont! 


Our second Van Operator of the Month for February is Derek Anderson (715-560-8606).   Derek operates for our Minneapolis office and joined Suddath back in March of 2011!  Derek as a great claims score of 0.37%, an excellent customer service score of 95.09%, and an impressive SPR of 52,523!  When Derek is assigned to any move he handles, he takes complete ownership and wows our customers!  Derek is a consummate team player and we are very fortunate to have him as part of the Suddath family!  Awesome job, Derek!


We are fortunate to have these outstanding leaders on our team as well as all our Van Operators, who have a very challenging job to perform every day. Please be sure to take time to thank them as you have the opportunity.

Suddath Relocation Systems Wins Top Van Line Agency Award for 2016






Information on the Move


Suddath Relocation Systems Wins Top Van Line Agency Award for 2016


We are so proud to announce that Suddath Relocation Systems has won the highly-coveted 2016 Moving & Storage Agent of the Year Service Excellence Award from the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Suddath was selected for the award by a panel of experts from more than 2,400 eligible companies across the country.


The Agent of the Year Award reflects AMSA’s and the industry’s commitment to excellent customer service, and is presented to agents nominated by their affiliated van line based on customer surveys and van line experience. Nominations are judged primarily on customer service assessments and other industry awards and recognitions. Consideration is also given to factors such as leadership, innovation, community involvement, and activities that enhance the industry’s image.


“Congratulations to Suddath Relocation Systems for this recognition of their dedication to customer satisfaction, high quality moving services, and support for the local community,” said Scott Michael, AMSA president and CEO. “Suddath has demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining top service levels and commitment to charitable causes in the communities they serve. We salute them for their success and accomplishments.”


A family company, born and bred in Jacksonville, Florida, Suddath has grown from one spirited entrepreneur with a cart and two mules to a global company that moves people, businesses and products across town or around the world. Suddath has more than 2,000 employees globally, over 30 locations and 2.5 million square feet of warehouse space throughout the United States, operations in Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, and strategic alliances serving more than 150 countries.


“Suddath is very honored to receive the AMSA Agent of the Year award,” said Mike Brannigan, president and CEO of Suddath. “We strive to reimagine the way the world moves for our customers each and every day, and I could not be more proud of the entire Suddath team for earning this very special designation.”


Each year AMSA recognizes the industry’s best performing and highest achieving individuals and companies. The 2016 industry awards will be presented during AMSA’s 98th Annual Education Conference & Expo in Palm Springs, Calif., on February 28. More information about the AMSA Awards at ProMover.org/awards.


The American Moving & Storage Association, home of the ProMover certification program, is the national trade association representing the nation’s moving and storage companies, which provide household goods moving services, specialized transportation for sensitive freight such as computers and trade show exhibits, and warehouse storage services. The association has approximately 3,500 members, including domestic and international companies and industry suppliers, and supports programs and activities that promote consumer protection, professional development, safety, and operational efficiency. Find out more at ProMover.org and Moving.org.


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Subscription Preferences



Van Operator Referral Payment Program

Hello everyone,


Hope all of you and your families had a safe and happy holiday season.  Welcome to a new year, and a fresh start. 


As we move into the new year, I would like to take a moment to remind, or let you know about a van operator referral payment program that we have at Suddath.  This policy is in place for when you have a friend or colleague in the business that you feel would be a great fit with the Suddath team, and you assist with bringing them onto the team.  All we ask you to do is contact your branch General Manager, Operations Manager, Bill Roys here in LDD, or myself, and give us their information.  We will handle the rest of the recruiting, and qualification process.  When you contact us to give us the lead, we will notate in our recruiting system that you initiated the lead, so that we have documentation showing your role in the recruiting.  Upon completion of a newly recruited contractor’s first settlement with us you will be paid the referral bonus as outlined below.  This is an opportunity to add some extra cash to your bottom line, and also help us put more high quality van operators such as yourself in the system.  This program changes from time to time, so feel free to contact me to discuss the current program at the point you are referring someone.


We will closely monitor our fleet level and volume to ensure we stay at a fleet size that we can support.  We know that is a concern for all, and are very aware of the impact that can have to your business.  We thank you in advance for your support and high quality referrals.  Feel free to contact me should you have any questions, or wish to get more details on this program.  Stay safe out there, and thank you very much for your partnership. 




Bonus Amount

Van Operator qualified in the Suddath LDD Fleet


Van Operator qualified for branch/local work




Roy Hines

Vice President, Transportation Services Group

Suddath Relocation Systems, Network Operations


This month, as we start to look ahead to peak season, there is no better time than now to develop good habits.  Good habits and following standard best practices will lead us into a successful peak season.  

Missing parts boxes are the biggest cause of emergency claims during peak season.  

    • It is extremely important that parts boxes be used on every shipment, and that they are the first item on every inventory.  This is a Suddath standard.  
    • It should be the last thing on the truck and the first thing off the truck that gets handed to the customer.  
    • Beds not being put together because of missing parts are high on the list of concerns. 

    • Emergency claims for beds because of missing parts can be costly. Emergency inspection appointments, typically occurring in the evening, after hours on a Friday, or on the weekend, can cost us between $200-$250 just for the inspection, and upwards of $300-$400 to put the beds back together.  This is assuming that we can get someone out there to do this, which usually amounts to putting the bed together with parts that likely cost $25-$50 from a hardware store.  If we are not able to get an appointment for the customer, we then have to put the customer in a hotel, which obviously, becomes very expensive.  
    • This can all be avoided with proper documentation, listing that parts box, containing all necessary parts, as the first item on the inventory.  This may seem very repetitive, and a basic tip, but until we eliminate emergency bed claims and the associated expense with them, it is necessary to keep talking about them and driving the point home.  We should not be leaving a customer’s home with a bed not put together.  
Thank you for your attention to this very important Suddath Standard.

SAFETY BULLETIN-Unigroup (Lithium Batteries)






UniGroup, Inc. - Loss Control


Mayflower Operations/Safety, United Operations/Safety, Home Office Management, All United Canadian Members, All United Domestic Agents, All Mayflower Canadian Members, All Mayflower Domestic Agents


Self Balancing Scooters (AKA Hoverboard) Guidance on Transporting


Agents have been inquiring about self-balancing scooters, popularly called Hoverboards, following several media reports of them bursting into flames.

To reduce the risk of van fires, agents are reminded to follow the UniGroup Quality Assurance Labor Training guidelines found in Packer Module #1-Non Allowables. Batteries from all electronic devices should be removed prior to loading. Removing the battery allows for transport of the scooter. The lithium-ion batteries from these scooters should not be transported in a household goods shipment. Safety is our number one priority and this preventative measure is a prudent step in protecting our customers' possessions, van operators, laborers and agent equipment as well as the motoring public.

This van line announcement concerns the lithium-ion batteries found in self-balancing scooters only and does not affect any other product.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) continues to investigate safety concerns surrounding this product but has yet to issue any new regulations. The CPSC has revealed there are cheap, low-quality brands on the market containing defective batteries bearing counterfeit Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) labels.

Several different models of self-balancing scooters are being sold with Hoverboard being just one manufacturer’s brand name. They were a popular holiday gift spurred by the 30th anniversary release of the Back to the Future movies. The CPSC investigation has focused on the lithium-ion batteries that power the device. Earlier, this type of battery made headlines when some caught fire aboard commercial passenger planes and electric cars.

Compared to their size and light weight, lithium-ion batteries generate high energy due to the very reactive chemical substances from which they are made. The CPSC’s initial investigations focused on fires occurring in units with defective batteries and during charging. The CPSC also suspects units became damaged when the maximum weight allowance for riders was exceeded, causing the lithium-ion battery terminals to come in contact with its circuit board.

Suddath Code of Conduct

David Cox

President, Suddath Relocation Systems


To:         All Suddath Contractors

Re:         Suddath Code of Conduct

I wanted to share with you some of the things that Suddath is doing to make our company the best choice for the industry’s finest craftspeople to partner with.  One of the most important responsibilities of Suddath leadership is to ensure a positive work environment for everyone in our company—a work environment that extends to our contractors, our business partners and our customers. We expect Suddath® to be a great place to work—a place where honesty and integrity come first.

To help accomplish this, we have worked diligently to develop a comprehensive compliance program and code of conduct to outline how we all play a role in the success of our company. We have branded our compliance program What We Do MattersSM.

You may be wondering what a compliance program is—it is the laws that govern our business and a guideline of how we live out our values through ethical behavior. The code of conduct supplements the compliance program and gives general guidelines of what our company thinks good behavior looks like and includes some frequently asked questions.

We are excited to rollout this essential program and welcome you to review the code of conduct pdf file which has been uploaded to the driver portal.  Our goal is to create a positive work environment—one that encourages open communication, ethical behavior, quality and safety. We truly are stronger together—working as a team.

Accurate & Timely Submission of Logs is Important to Van Operator Success

From Unigroup's August 8th edition of THE WIRE:
Have you ever said when asked about a missing log, “The log cannot be missing because it was in the same envelope with logs that aren’t missing”? If logs are illegible or completed incorrectly, they may be considered missing. It is important to send properly filled out and legible logs. The most common reasons why van operators do not receive credit for submitting a log include:

·        Poor Penmanship: Numbers that look like letters or letters that look like numbers; incorrect dates; write-overs or crossed-out data.
·        Missing Information: No signature; incomplete grid information; missing state or mileage information.
·        Incorrect or Contradictory Information: Incorrect driver ID format (no leading zeroes, blanks, dashes, numbers written out of order); incorrect authority or combination of authority (UVL ID/MT tractor or MT ID/UVL tractor; UVL authority combined with MT ID number or MT authority combined with UVL ID number).

If you need guidance on how to properly complete a log, please refer to the log book cover which has helpful information.


As we continue to make our way through the busy season I need to remind all our Van Operators about the Labor background certification requirements.  Our Van Operators, as the end user and ultimate check point for assuring all labor on our jobs is background checked, remain our best and final defense against unauthorized labor being present on any of our orders.  

Please be sure that you ask for background certified labor when you request labor from a UniGroup agent. Additionally please be sure to inquire of every laborer what their certification number is.  Recently a Van Operator contacted a helper directly, one which he originally secured from a UniGroup agent in previous trips to their city, and had the helper meet him at the job site. The Van Operator never asked him for his certification ID # as he assumed since he originally got the helper from a UniGroup agent that he was certified. It turned out the helper had not been background checked and as a result the Van Operator was held accountable for the helper not being qualified to be on the job.

While we’d all like to think that anytime we get help from a UniGroup agent that they have been background checked, the fact is some may not have been checked. And in the end the person who takes that helper out on the job is ultimately responsible. PLEASE be sure to ask the helper for their certification number. If they can’t produce it ask for a different helper.

 ALL Suddath offices are REQUIRED to provide you background certified help. ASK for the ID # to verify.  

Full background checks are valid for 3 years; Quick checks are valid for only 72 hours.  WHEN IN DOUBT PLEASE CALL!

Labor Compliance can assist agents/ Van Operators in the verification of any background check information that an individual may provide. Labor Compliance can be reached at 800-428-1267.  It wouldn’t hurt to make the call and double check the information.

 As always thank for all you do and be safe out there!

 Paul J Gleason

Vice President, Operations

Suddath Relocation Systems